I advise your company in the process of entering new international markets.
I'm a Sales Consultant and product representative in foreign markets.

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International Sales Company

International Sales Consultant
MBA Master in Business Administration
25 years of experience in international sales

My experience in International Companies.

as a manager of international leadership brands.

Prepare your company to export.

10 main points to prepare your company to export to international markets.

1-Make the tax registration in the customs authority of your country to be able to export.

2- Obtain the certificate of origin in your country of the products to be exported.

3- Begin the register of your brand in the markets where you will sell your products.

4- Analyze the tariff nomenclature to know the % of taxes you must pay to export.

5- Know the basic documents that you will need to issue to carry out the first export.

6- Review the documents required for products with special characteristics (flammable, frozen, etc.).

7- Modify label´s text and language, adjusting to the legal requirements of the target market.

8- Define the price list at which you would be willing to sell to the foreign markets.

9- Choose a freight forwarding company and organize your export logistics.

10- Define the payment terms that you are willing to accept to reduce the risk.

Select the best markets to export your products.

5 main points to select the best markets to export your products.

1-Analyze the habits of the market and if your product responds to those habits.

2- Then analyze the markets with high consumer purchasing power.

3- Analyze the competitive intensity and if there is local production in the market.

4- Analyze the price level (high, medium, low) of the products in that market.

5- Analyze the estimated cost of internacionalization : from research to enter the market.

Design the strategy to enter the new market.

10 main points to design the strategy to get into new international market.

1- Make a selection of the potential markets where your products can be successful.

2- Analyze the target market with its competitors, products and prices.

3- Analyze the strengths of your product vs the products of your competitors.

4- Define the products of your catalog that may have chances of success in the new market.

5- Defines the commercial chain of intermediaries to enter the new market.

6- Analyze the taxes that your potential client will have to pay in the target market.

7- Define a competitive price list for the destination market considering taxes and freight costs.

8- Design a digital price list with images so that the customer can easily identify the products.

9- Design the strategy of Marketing and promotion adjusted to the target market.

10- Design the business proposal to present to the selected distributor.

Find the best distributor for your products.

10 main points to find the best distributor for your products.

1- Make a previous research in internet of the potencial distributors in the target market for your products.

2- Visit the shops in the city, talk with the owners, and ask for which distributors do the best work and service.

3- With the information from 1+2, make a list of possible distributors for your products and analyze each one.

4- Find out about the distributor´s history and years of experience in the market.

5- Analyze the sizes of the distributor's catalogs and the brands that it works with.

6- Analyze the regional coverage of the distributors and the way they cover the region.

7- Analyze whether the distributor's sales team is exclusive or shared with other distributors.

8- Analyze the bargaining power of the distributor to enter in large Retail Stores.

9- Analyze the economic and financial situation of the distributor.

10- Analyze the degree of motivation that the distributor has with your brand.

Increase your sales by working with the distributor.

10 main points to grow your sales by working with the distributor.

1- Think in a long-term business and a win-win relationship with the distributor.

2- Define the budget to invest in Marketing and promotion in the local market.

3- Train the distributor's sales team to teach them the strengths of your products.

4-Analyze the sales mix by product and the profitability of the total business.

5-Analyze the mix of sales channels where the distributor sells your products.

6-Analyze the stock of the distributor and compare it with the sales of the last year.

7- Advises the distributor on the products and quantities of the new purchase order.

8- Visit the distributor's clients and listen to their proposals to improve sales.

9-Define possible improvement proposals to implement in the market.

10- Work as a team with the distributor and listen carefully to their advices.

World markets indicators

10 most important indicators of world markets.

Population density by country.

Total GDP by country.

Economic level by country.

Free Trade Agreements.

Price index by country.

Markets competitiveness.

Economic freedom.

Informal economies.

Market growth.

Main products exported.

Markets by continent

Market Wealth Level (USD)

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About me

My experience as Director of international sales
opening new markets.

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My name is Sebastian

I´m MBA and a Bachelor of Business Administration.

My experience :

I have worked as Director of international sales and new business development for the last 20 years in international global companies, introducing new brands in new markets from the beginning.

I have experience with different types of products and different types of distributors around the world.
I have developed strategies to spread brand awareness in new markets and have made agreements to grow the business over time.

Finding the right distributor for a brand is not an easy task, the largest distributor is not always the best for your product.

A good distributor must take care of its brands and motivate its sales team to carry out the job of introducing the brand to its customers.

I can help you introduce your product to new markets.

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